About Wheels and Lollipops

Welcome to my virtual kitchen table ! 

I'm Sharlene aka Wheels and Lollipops, I'm a mom of two wonderful kids - Alexandre (4) and Claire (1) and married to my wonderful hubby for nearly 7 years. Home is currently a charming town 20minutes from Paris (France). 

Though not originally from France, my travels took me from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean to North Carolina (Montreat/Asheville)  and later to Atlanta, Georgia where I met my husband who happens to be French , who knows where the next stop will be !

Food and later wine has always been a passion of mine. I can go through cookbooks for hours and those around me know that once I get started on a food topic they are in for the long haul. I think for this alone, living in France has been the ideal adventure for me in that food is taken very seriously here and its not surprising to see my hubby and his friends discussing food. It is the heart and soul of the French culture. My hubby is equally passionate about wine as I am about food so definitely a match.

I started this blog as a means of stress relief and in this hectic life find a little corner to share something that I am passionate about. By day I work for an Advertising Agency and free time is spent with my family and cooking for those around me. 

The recipes on this site, are in part some of my creations or reproductions of recipes that I've found on the net, books and magazines. I love trying new things and rarely make the same thing twice. 

I'm not a professional cook nor food photographer, but what you will find here are recipes that I have made for my friends and family accompanied with good wine and great times.

If you would like to contact me I can be reached at sharlene @ wheelsandlollipops dot com

I'll add on more FAQ as time goes by, but perhaps the question that has been asked most often is:

Why the name Wheels and Lollipops ? Oddly enough there is nothing extremely clever to the name just two things that my son loves. Wheel is his word for M&Ms and Lollipops especially chocolate ones are something that he is  currently fascinated by.