Wednesday, September 15, 2010

La Rentrée & resolutions

Rosemary and Thym

September marks the 6 month anniversary of this blog, to say that the last 6months have been easy is an understatement, have I enjoyed it - without a doubt ! I started this blog as a way of sharing my love for food with fellow foodies and as a way to challenge myself in the kitchen.

There are many things that I pride myself on and the most important is my commitment to providing fresh, healthy and delicious meals to my family and friends. I am a mom that works outside of home, looks after two little ones,  a house (well condo) and tries to remain sane. There are many days that I wish for extra hours in the day just to get things crossed off my list. Friends think that I'm a super mom for doing what I do, my response is No, this is who I am.  What fuels me ? The response is quite simple really -I do not want to fill the stomachs of my family, but instead I want nourish them, and for my fellow foodies you know its not the same thing. My other motivation ? My hubby, who stays up late with me as I type my posts, who encourages me when I really don't feel like taking pictures, gives me ideas for posts, brings me freshly brewed tea - you get the idea :)

Like many others, I look at the food universe that we belong to and think how can I ever make a dent and then I look back on the last 6months and think of the challenges that I've succeeded on, the friends that I have met,  the personal victories that I have had and then I realize that the most important benefit of all is that I'm doing something for me :)

September in France is most affectionately called ' La rentrée" which means back to school/work however its not JUST going back, its a time for resolutions and re-evaluating the year. I guess this is what happens when you take 4 weeks off ( average summer holiday).Some of my food resolutions are:
  • Update this blog more often
  • Hunt out those local farmers on the open market
  • Continue to build on the traditions that my hubby and I are making with out kids that involve food
  • Loose some of the weight that I've gained because of this blog :) 
The last few weeks have been perhaps the most exhausting of this year, the after effect of a very good holiday ?

However today is my "rentrée" :) the blog is back in session !

What are some of your "rentrée" resolutions ?


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