Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer salad

Summer Steak Salad with Peach Salsa

This dish takes what is sometimes referred to as the "Man Salad' and turns it into a refreshing summer salad. At the market one Saturday morning  the three things that caught my eyes, were a beef steak tomato, avocados and lovely white peaches hmmm I was determined to make this into a dish.

On the menu that night I had marked down Steak salad. In this house it means that its made with using entrecôte or Prime Rib. Once its grilled its thinly sliced and served  in a salad with varying toppings - tomatoes, haricots verts (string beans) avocados basically whatever got our attention that morning at the market. Steak usually shows up on a Saturday as I don't like to keep beef in the refrigerator longer than one or two days as freezing steak takes away some of the flavor- but I digress.

I also love guacamole and salsa :) Do you see what's starting happen to here ? Yep, I decided to combine the white peaches, avocados and white onions with cilantro, lime juice and hot scotch bonnet pepper (I am after all an Island girl). The beef steak tomatoes just needed to be thickly sliced and sprinkled with fleur de sel and fresh pepper - perfection ! The steak was splashed with Worcestershire sauce, salt & fresh pepper and then grilled to medium rare. The salad was as always washed with care and then spin dried by the hubby, he made his vinaigrette and carefully tossed the salad until every leaf was coated. A general reminder that steak needs to rest for approx 10mins after cooking so that juices can be redistributed and remain tender. Presentation ? The gently tossed salad was topped with slices of steak followed by the tomatoes and then the salsa.

The hubby's verdict ? Delicious, needs to be made again, refreshing in short he liked it :) We served the salad with a  chilled rosé from Corsica.

Bon Appétit


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