Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cupcake Camp Paris 2010

Oui, oui Cupcake Camp Paris 2010 and what is it ? It's an ad-hoc gathering to people to share and eat cupcakes in an open environment. For the first time this year, it was held in Paris this past Sunday more precisely at Bistrot Vivienne in the 2nd arrondisment and was hosted by Cat Beurnier aka Little Miss Cupcake and Bryan from Where is Bryan? & Merce and the Muse

There were over 50 bakers (amateurs and professionals) who made more than 1600 cupcakes for more than 200 people - are you impressed? The event lasted about 4 hours and there was not a cupcake remaining. I have to say that it was the first time that I've seen an event like this. People lined up, yes lined up outside the bistro to pay their 10€ (all proceeds went to the charity Rebuilding Haiti Now) for the right to access the venue, have a drink and savor the cupcakes. I should say that Sunday the weather was glorious and any Parisienne would tell you that on a day like that you flock to the park, a terrace but not indoors to a bistrot - that alone should say something.

The cupcakes were out of this world, sadly I only got to taste one cupcake as the crowds were just to thick to battle through, but it was a feast for my eyes to see all the beautiful cupcakes. I've often said that I'm by no means a professional baker and this even just proved it !  For the day I chose to make three varieties :

Margarita Cupcakes
Margarita Cupcakes

Chocolate Passion
Double Fudge Chocolate with Chocolate Frosting

Red, White & Blue
Red, White & Blue

It was definitely a memorable experience and though I did not get to meet up with many fellow bloggers on the day, its been great getting to know them via their blogs and photos of the day. I did not get to take pics as the fans were swarming over the cakes, but I will leave you with some of the shots taken by my fellow bakers.

Stay tuned for Cupcake Camp 2011 !

And we're off !- From  IslandGirl4ever2

From IslandGirl4ever2

Mes patriotic red velvet cupcakes surprise!
From: Josephine L

From IslandGirl4ever2

And last but not least, my three biggest fans all on the same picture (not all facing the camera) :) Special thanks to my hubby for spending part of our 7th wedding anniversary at the event ! - Thank you Mary a/k/a LadyMissMBA for this photo.

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