Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stacked Red Chili Enchiladas

A little late in posting in general on the blog but we had a loss in our family that had me out for a while. This posts comes via The Daring Cooks Challenge, the challenge for May was to make Stacked Green Chili Enchiladas, however finding green chili's in Paris was a challenge in itself !
Red Chili Stacked Enchiladas
Stacked Red Chili Enchiladas

Needless to say after a pleasant discovery of the three sites dedicated to Mexican cooking I was able to find most of the ingredients. The one ingredient that I could not find was the green chili so I had to substitute Ancho chili's in its place, in its fresh form its called a Poblano Chili.

We love Mexican , Tex/Mex food here so even the hubby was excited to hear what this month's challenge was. We took the opportunity to invite our next door neighbors, the husband is French and his wife is an American originally from Houston, Texas. Who says, enchiladas, also says Salsa, Guacamole and Margaritas ! what dinner  can go wrong with a start like that.

The red chili sauce came from Homesick Texan's site for Stacked Enchiladas and it was perfect (if I do say so myself) the reviews were good and I've been asked to keep the recipe for a next time. I generally like things spicy and could have added some more peppers but as we had guests I decided to keep things a little more low key. It was also my first time having them stacked and maybe its just a habit but I prefer them rolled though they did look quite impressive on the plate.

The next time I make this dish I think I'll make the corn tortillas myself, this was the original plan but the site that I ordered from  was out of Masa Harina so look out for another post on this !


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