Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's for dinner ?

I know, I know, a week with no posts. This week has been a long week for me and though we did make just about everything on the menu this past week, life with the kids just got a bit crazy this week.

Here I am a week later with a new menu. The weather in Paris continues to be a precursor to summer and the terraces of bars and cafés are already in full swing. For those that have never been to Paris, the first rays of sunshine dictate that one needs to fine the nearest terrace to sit and worship the sun. However as there are no time limits on tables once you find "yours" its "yours" for as long as you want. The highways find a new life with Parisians fleeing the city to the beaches of Deauville (Normandy) for that weekend escape. Summer is just around the corner ....

The market is starting to come alive with fruits and vegetables and we are still taking advantage of the fresh sweet peas that's currently in season. We tasted strawberries from Spain today, longing for the
'Gariguette', an old and much-valued Provençal variety. Its slightly smaller and a deeper red than the traditional strawberry but packs ever much the taste punch.

Many of you know the song written by Vernon Duke and E.Y Harbug which was made famous by Frank Sinatra - "April in Paris", he was very right when he sang ' I never the knew the charm of Spring, never met it face to face, until April in Paris.

So with that what exactly are we eating this week ?

Saturday: Grilled hamburgers with mushrooms and onions / fries

Sunday: Pasta with fresh peas and ricotta cheese

Monday: Fish ( precise dish to be defined) with rice (again to be defined)

Tuesday: Tuna sandwhiches ( a new favorite of my son)

Wednesday: Grilled lemon chicken with haricot verts and carrots

Thursday: Semoule with lamb chops

Friday: Another favorite - tacos with homemade guacamole and salsa

Bon Appetit !


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