Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's being served for dinner this week ?

Its once again Saturday and that means that I've already planned my menu and that hubby is out at the farmers market as we speak. I'm somewhat behind on posting but hopefully will catch up this weekend. Planning the menu this week was a bit difficult I have to admit, though you would think with spring being here that it would be easier ? Well not so, it all depends if the market is ready to show us all the spring jewels that it has been hiding so I had to remind myself that I would have time in the coming weeks to reacquaint myself with the bounties of spring.

Saturday - Shrimp and Pancetta severed over creamy polenta. The insipration behind this dish is that my son loves shrimp and pancetta and I'm trying to get him to eat polenta so will be making a tomato based sauce for the shrimp and pancetta.

Sunday - Entrecôte (prime rib) served with a fresh green salad and corn on the cob (rushing the seasons a bit here)

Monday -  Fish (waiting to see what hubby bring back from the market) with semoule (will probably add some dried apricots and chili to the semoule to add some variety to it)

Tuesday -  Ahh the first tastes of spring - Omelette's with mushrooms (girolles I hope) and green asparagus

Wednesday - Beef & Broccoli  with Rice

Thursday - Velouté of carrots with grilled brie sandwhiches

Friday - Not sure as yet but it will  be worthy of Friday fun  

Bon Appetit


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