Monday, March 1, 2010

Pappardelle with veal ragu

I was so very excited about this dish, I went out and got my favorite brand of pasta - Cipriani Pasta I'll admit that its more than you would ever expect to pay for dried pasta but this pasta tastes as though you just made it  and with its paper thin quality it just melts in your mouth. Part of what makes it so special is that there  are 7 eggs in every kilo of pasta, and the dough is passed through the machines at least 30 times (most commercial pasta gets worked once or twice). I should also add that the box is beautifully wrapped and the pasta is nestled in between sheets of rice paper to protect the fragile pasta.

But back to the dish, however you really should try this pasta. Overall the dish was good the sauce was rich and it was topped with just the right amount of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese however it was not what I was expecting.  Will I make this again ? Probably not, there are too many recipes out there to try. Which reminds me a few years ago I received  an encyclopedia of Italian recipes so may dive in there for another ragu recipe.

I'm thinking the next Italian pasta dish will again feature Cipriani Pasta mixed in with some parmiagiano cheese, garlic and a heavy dose of black pepper with just enough olive oil to coat, can you tell that we had a glimpse of spring weather here in Paris today ?


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