Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dinner this week and a special thank you

Before I list our menu for this week, I have to give a very special thank you to a very good friend of mine for redoing the design of the blog. Her name is Bethany and she created my header and images for the blog. You can find her work at Scrappin Daisies so if you have a moment check her out. I'll be putting a permanent link to her blog on the site later on today.

Saturday once again started off very hectic here and it will continue to be like that because as of next week my Yoga classes start back at 11:30 so bye bye to long lazy Saturday mornings. This week is the hubby's birthday celebration weekend and so he chose the menu for this weekend. We are going out for lunch the actual day of his birthday to a restaurant - Le Chiberta  that has been given a one star rating by the Michelin guide. Needless to dinner that night will be light and it will most probably be my three year old that may choose what we eat that night.

So what's on the menu this week ?

Saturday: Just my son and myself for dinner tonight our babysitter canceled at the last minute, we were supposed to have dinner with friends but the hubby will be going by himself instead. I asked my son what he wanted and like any three year old he said FRIES ! so we'll have oven baked fries (shhh don't tell him) and crispy baked chicken.

Sunday: This is where the hubby mentioned what he would like to eat :) and you can see that he is French :) Canard ( thinking of doing a pink peppercorn sauce to go with it -still undecided) with red thym potatoes. Planning a surprise for the entrée (appetizer) so need to see if I can first get the ingredients

Monday: After our lunch not sure how hungry we will be but we will of course have dinner, champagne and cake with our two kids

Tuesday: I tend to work late on Tuesdays (I don't work on Wednesdays) so pasta with homemade tomato sauce (need to post the recipe for this)

Wednesday: Chile coated salmon with creamy lentils

Thursday: Grilled lemon/garlic chicken with haricot verts (string beans)

Friday: As you probably guessed, Friday nights are pretty calm here so we'll be having tacos, with homemade salsa and guacamole

Let me know what you are eating this week ?


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